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    Budget / Compensation Transparency Reporting

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    Section 1 – Annual Operating Budget and Subsequent Budget Revisions

    To learn more about how we serve the children in our community visit our website at www.manistee.org or call us at 231.723.4264.

    The Manistee Intermediate School District serves 5,745 children within the county.  There are four public school districts, two public academies, two non-public schools and one community college in our service area.  Our budget is adopted by our publicly elected board of education no later than June 30 of each year.  Like other schools in the State of Michigan, our budget is based on our best guess of what amount of per pupil funding the state will provide.

    General Fund – Board Approved Budget
    Fiscal Year 2021 / 2022
    Amended Budget
    Final Budget

    Fiscal Year 2022 / 2023
    Opening Budget

    Special Education – Board Approved Budget
    Fiscal Year 2021 / 2022
    Amended Budget
    Final Budget

    Fiscal Year 2022 / 2023
    Opening Budget

    NWMT – Board Approved Budget
    Fiscal Year 2021 / 2022

    Amended Budget
    Final Budget

    Fiscal Year 2022 / 2023
    Opening Budget

    Section 2 –  District and Personnel Expenditures 

    Operating Expenditures 
    Like any organization, the Manistee Intermediate School District has a variety of expenditures including utilities, fuel for buses, technology, facility maintenance, insurance, personnel, and office supplies. Public schools are unique in that they have boards of education that control the expenditure (and receipt) of school funds. The school board members are state officers who carry out the state’s educational obligations at the local level and they have the ultimate responsibility for school operations. Schools also pay for classroom supplies, specialized services for students with special needs, and many other instruction-related items.
    Pie Chart for Current Operating Expenditures (2021-2022)

    Personnel Expenditures 
    Because schools are a service industry, the largest share of every school’s expenditures are salaries and benefits. Retirement costs are state mandated and controlled at the state level. Schools have increased co-pays for health insurance and reduced benefit programs for health insurance for staff. Insurance costs include health, dental, vision, and life. All other personnel benefit costs include annuities and car allowances.
    Pie Chart for Personnel Expenditures (2021-2022)

    Section 3 – Current Bargaining Agreements and Employer Sponsored Health Care Plan

    Current Bargaining Agreements
    Manistee Intermediate School District Education Association – Teacher
    Master Agreement

    Employer Sponsored Health Care Plans
    Teachers, Administration, and Support Staff

    Medical Benefit Plan

    Section 4 – Audited Financial Statements 

    Each year the Manistee Intermediate School District is required to hire an independent auditor to complete a comprehensive audit which evaluates and reports on the financial condition of the district. The audit includes a thorough analysis of all business operations as well as a compliance review for the requirements of the many programs we operate.
    Issued Financial Statement to Client (2021-2022)

    Section 5 – Employee Compensation Information

    All employees of the Manistee Intermediate School District are categorized by classification of position held. All classifications are established according to demands of the position, level of responsibility, job functions performed, credentials and skills required, etc. Each classification falls into at least one established salary schedule, which takes into account such factors as seniority in position or in similar positions, comparison to similar jobs elsewhere in the community, cost of living factors, etc. The Manistee Intermediate School District Board of Education determines matters related to school employees including pay and benefits. 

    This report requires listing the Superintendent and employees with salaries over $100,000. 

    Employee Compensation

    Section 6 – District Paid Association Dues

    Dues and fees paid by our district are limited to professional associations, student associations, or employment associations (labor union dues) on behalf of staff. These memberships provide added opportunities, resources, continuing education, and professional development. These memberships make it possible for our district to conduct business in more efficient ways and result in scholarship opportunities for our students.

     List of Association Dues Paid

    Section 7 – District Paid Lobbying Costs

    • The district did not incur any lobbying costs

    Section 8 – Deficit Elimination Plan

    • The district has not incurred a deficit.

    Section 9 – District Credit Card Information

    Section 10 – Out-of-State Travel Information

    • The district did not incur any out of state travel expenses.

    Section 11 – Procurement of Supplies, Materials, and Equipment

    Policy 6320

    Section 12 – Categories of Reimbursable Expenses

    Policies 3440, 4400, 6550

    Section 13 – Accounts Payable Register

    Section 14 – Medical Benefit Plan Bid

    Manistee ISD Administrators and Support Staff 2/1/2021 Renewal & Options

    Section 15 –  Evaluations Posting and Assurances

    School ADvance Administrator Evaluation System

    5D Teacher Evaluations Postings and Assurances

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