Assistive Technology

    STEP 1: Assistive Technology (AT) Consultation

    What can you expect from an AT Chat?

    • Informal process
    • Staff member needing assistance fills out a Google Form with basic information (student name is not used)
    • AT Consultant contacts staff to problem solve via phone, email, or in-person
    • Basic strategies are provided, or the case moves to Tier 2 of the AT Process
    • Initiate an AT Chat here

    STEP 2: Assistive Technology (AT) SETT Process

    What can you expect from the AT SETT Process?

    1. If more information is needed after Tier 1 and 2, the SETT Framework Process will be initiated.
    2. Team fills out the AT SETT Consideration Form.
    3. A team meeting is scheduled to discuss SETT Framework results, tool trials, and organize the gathering of data.
    4. Designated team member/s gather data.
    5. Device/tool is suggested based on the data.

    Technology Training Request

    Please click here to fill out a form to request technology training.

    AT and Communication Consideration Checklist

    Please click here for a quick-guide to help with AT/Communication consideration in the IEP.

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