The following services are offered by the Manistee ISD Technology Department

    High Speed Internet Access (MISD-NET & MISEN)
    Fast, reliable, affordable connectivity to the World Wide Web through the Michigan State Education Network (MISEN).

    Multi-County-wide Technology Cooperative
    The Manistee ISD operates and provides a full range of technology services through the Educational Technology Association (ETA) technology cooperative. Onsite and remote technical support is available.

    Safe Internet Browsing (Child Internet Protection Act Compliance)
    The Manistee ISD operates and manages a cloud web/content filter for the local area districts. Web filtering allows controlled access and significantly reduce security threats, legal liability threats, productivity threats and network abuse threats.

    Multi-County-wide Helpdesk System
    As part of the ETA multi-county-wide technology cooperative a help desk system is provided to manage the requests at a County and local District level. A helpdesk system allows organizations to keep track of what needs to get done, who is working on which tasks, what has already been done, and when tasks were (or were not) completed.

    Wide Area Network Connectivity
    High speed Education network connects ETA multi-county School Districts including Manistee County School Districts together using fiber optics. This high speed network allows us to deliver exciting technologies to all students and staff.

    Web Site and Domain Name Hosting
    A service that provides schools with online systems for storing information, images, video, or any content accessible via the web. DNS is also the system stores information about host names and domain names in a kind of distributed database on networks, such as the Internet. Most importantly, it provides an IP address for each host name, and lists the mail servers accepting e-mail for each domain.

    Google Workspace For Education
    Powered by Google, the Manistee ISD provides Google Workspace for all staff and students. Services include: E-mail, spam filtering, Calendars, Groups, Google Drive, Docs, and much more.

    Canvas Online Course Management
    Canvas is Course Management System (CMS), also know as a Learning Management System or a Virtual Learning Environment. Canvas allows instructors to create dynamic web sites for their students which include activities such as – Forums, Wikis, Quizzes, Lesson Plans, Homework Assignments, etc.

    Virtual Machine Hosting
    Virtualization technologies enable the consolidation of servers by running multiple virtual servers on a single system. This reduces the number of physical servers and also reduces energy costs.

    Network / Systems Monitoring 24 x 7 x 365
    Our network is monitored around the clock. Monitoring systems are designed to alert our technicians if outages occur. Alerts are sent via pager, cell phone and e-mail.

    Advanced Firewall Protection and Virtual Private Network (VPN) Access Services
    Our firewall is an enterprise class device which protects users and systems against Internet threats such as hackers. Anytime, anywhere, secure and encrypted access to internal or Intranet systems from the public Internet.

    Distance Learning / Video Conferencing
    Also known as Two-way Interactive Virtual Conferencing, it enables interactive video for virtual field trips, classroom sharing, professional development, projects and meetings. Unique partnerships with Wexford-Missaukee ISD and West Shore Community College enable exciting new ways to deliver education.

    Multi-County Wide Technology Meetings
    With a focus on Education Technology, these meetings are designed to present projects and happenings to ETA School Districts, Manistee County Technology Directors, Coordinators and Technology Liaisons. The main goal of these meetings is to make information available to local schools and the community.

    Technology Plan Review
    Technology planning is federally mandated for local school agencies seeking technology funding from federal programs, including the Universal Service Fund (E-Rate) and No Child Left Behind legislation. Our department insures your plan is compliant with state and federal standards.

    Single Record Student Database (SRSD)
    A state database of student information, submitted three times a year by all public schools in the state of Michigan. It is used to track students statewide and provide a way of reducing student record duplication. The ISDs role in the SRSD submission process is to be a single point of contact between the state and the Local Education Authorities (LEAs). as part of that role, the ISD error checks and transmits the LEA count information to the state.

    Technology Training / Tutorials / Consulting and Support
    Training on services provided at Manistee ISD. Online tutorials allow home access to training materials. Fast, friendly response for all technical support issues on services provided by the Manistee ISD and qualified, experienced staff assisting schools in making important decisions on technology needs.

    Collaborative Purchasing
    Provides the latest in technology solutions through collaborative purchasing, includes software, licensing, hardware and more.

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