Augmentative Alternative Communication

STEP 1: Augmentative Alternative Communication Consultation Request

What can you expect from an AAC consultation request?

  • Informal process
  • Staff member requesting assistance fills out an AAC consultation
    request form with basic information (student name is not used).
  • AAC Consultant contacts staff to begin consultation process.
  • Initiate AAC consultation request here

STEP 2: AAC SETT Process

What can you expect from the AAC SETT Process?

1) If consultation results in a recommendation for formal consideration of
AAC, the SETT Framework Process will be initiated.
2) Team fills out the AAC SET Consideration Form SETT Consideration Form

3) A team meeting is scheduled to discuss the SETT framework results, AAC
tool. trials, and organize the gathering of data.
4) Designated team members gather data.
5) AAC tool is suggested based on the data.

AT and Communication Consideration Checklist

Please click here for a quick guide to help with AT/Communication
consideration in the IEP

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